Here you will find slides and handouts from the Dataharvest Digital 2020 sessions. The slides are ordered alphabetically after session name.

“Bring your ‘silly question’ related to climate and energy!”, speakers: Sven Egenter and Julian Wettengel, CLEW, date: Sept 17, 2020

“Climate change is fake news”, speaker: Annika Joeres, date Sept 16, 2020

“Data Buffet with the OECD”, speaker Jonas Teusch, date Sept 17, 2020

“Europe beyond coal – are we there yet?”, speaker: Yannis Orestis Papadimitriou, Sept 17, 2020

“Find connections in company and property registers” speaker: Miranda Patrucic, date Sept 3, 2020

FOI lunch 1: Catching up on trade secrets, speakers Stéphane Horel, Freja Wedenborg, Edouard Perrin, date: Sept. 22, 2020

FOI lunch 2: How to deal with data access obstruction?, speakers: Stéphane Horel (slides), Helena Bengtsson, Nils Mulvad, date: Sept 23, 2020

“Generating story ideas from data”, speakers: Rui Barros (slides), Dada Lyndell (slides) Winny de Jong, date: Sept 30, 2020

“How to build a data hypothesis”, speaker: Anastasia Valeeva, date: Sept 16, 2020

My favourite free data tool, speakers: Ana Lutzsky (slides), Friedrich Lindenberg (Aleph Data Desk and guide to ADD), Hay Kranen (slides and link to Youtube-dl), Kira Schacht (Table Capture and Tabula), Marije Rooze: Mapshaper, Daniel S: and

“Nine principles for the ethical use of AI”, speaker: Andreas Marckmann Andreassen, date: Sept 29, 2020

“Stress management for journalists”, speakers Kim Brice and Robin van Raaij,

“Tenders and procurement”, speaker: Eva Belmonte, date Sept 10, 2020

“Tenders and procurement”, speaker: Manuela Cruz, date Sept 10, 2020

“The Shell Papers: Freedom of Information requests are part of the story”, speakers: Bas van Beek, Roger Vleugels, date Sept 22, 2020

“Using access to environmental information rules”, speaker: Daniel Simons, date Sept 23, 2020

“Where to find 137 billion euros”, speaker: Nico Schmidt, date Sept 15, 2020