The European Investigative Journalism Conference

In the Arena

We provide the space – you network: Networking opportunities offered by

Arena for Journalism in Europe facilitates networking among journalists. Read more

Dataharvest – EIJC: Our digital meeting place

Networking is an integrated element of Dataharvest – the European Investigative Journalism Conference. The conference is a meeting space, and we have several other tools for networking:

  • The Dataharvest Arena is an online meeting place using the Discourse software. The purpose is to prepare for the coming conference and catch up afterwards. It is mainly active in the months around conferences. Sign up and join the conversations!
  • Organise a meet-up: Say you have covered a topic of European interest and now want to connect with colleagues to carry it further. Use the forum to organise a meeting at the conference with others interested in the same topic.

The Dataharvest mailing list

The Dataharvest Mailinglist is an interactive list on a listserve, the recipients are typically  previous participants in Dataharvest – the European Investigative Journalism Conference. This is for the larger Dataharvest Community to ask for help, contacts and exchange interesting material in between conferences. Subscribe here

The Housing mailing list

The Housing mailing list is an interactive list for mainly journalists, who work with the subject of housing in Europe. Also a number of researchers and housing organisations are active on the list. Subscribe here.

The Arena Climate Network

The Arena Climate Network is a community of journalists and researchers working on climate-related topics. The network functions as a meeting space, and will provide its members with the tools and online infrastructure to share data and information to collaborate better across the borders. Read more

The Arena Food and Water Network

Launched at the European Investigative Journalism Conference – Dataharvest 2022, the collaborative network aims to bring together journalists, researchers and civil society representatives working on all aspects of food, from field to table. Read more

Facebook group

Do you want to follow the news between conferences and share information on investigative and crossborder journalism? Join the Dataharvest Facebook group and meet likeminded people.

Get in touch

If you wish to network in other ways, do get in touch with Brigitte Alfter or Trine Smistrup. We’ll do our best to answer and assist you, please bear with us, if we do not answer immediately, particularly in the busy weeks ahead of the annual conference.