The European Investigative Journalism Conference

The Team

Many people help arranging Dataharvest and making sure, that we all get wiser, get new friends, get coffee in the morning and lunch at noon. But the core team to make everything run smoothly are these seven persons:

Director: Brigitte Alfter, journalist and author, was a "founding mother" of the Dataharvest Conference 13 years ago and has headed it towards its current size and importance.
Project director: Trine Smistrup, journalist and trainer, is the coordinator for program and planning and communications officer for the Dataharvest conference.
Project director: Jose Miguel Calatayud, journalist. From March 2019 to June 2022, Jose led the Arena Housing Project and contributed to other tasks at Arena and Dataharvest, the European Investigative Journalism Conference. He is currently taking a sabbatical period.
Project coordinator: Jelena Prtoric is a freelance journalist reporting (mostly) on the environment, human rights, and migration. She coordinated the climate&energy track for Dataharvest 2020, now coordinates the Food and Water track and contributes to all parts of the program.
Project manager: Ruben Brugnera is a Brussels-based investigative journalist and lecturer at the Thomas More school of journalism.
Data skills coordinator: Adriana Homolová is a Slovak-born Netherlands-based freelance data journalist, public spending nerd, Python trainer, 80ies fan and otaku, among others. For Arena she is coordinating the hands-on data skills track for the Dataharvest conference.
IT and tech manager: Benedikt Hebeisen is a freelance IT consultant and journalist based in Berlin. He manages all digital things for the Dataharvest and Arena.