The European Investigative Journalism Conference

Code of Conduct

Arena for Journalism in Europe, the organisation behind Dataharvest, is committed to providing a welcoming, inclusive, and safe work environment for its staff and for participants in all events.

Arena believes in diversity and welcomes staff and participants regardless of race, colour, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, or disability. Discrimination, sexual harassment, or other inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated and will be grounds for disciplinary action. Inappropriate conduct includes, but is not limited to:

  • Derogatory, sexual, or discriminatory remarks
  • Intimidation
  • Stalking
  • Inappropriate and/or unwanted physical contact
  • Unwelcome sexual advances
  • Sustained or willful disruption of talks or other events
  • The deliberate outing of a person’s identity without consent or purposely  misgendering

We want to draw special attention to inappropriate behaviour in unequal power relations, such as between persons in management positions and staff members; or between trainers/speakers and course/conference participants. An unequal power relation is an aggravating circumstance in cases of harassment.

Incidents of harassment or discrimination can be reported by the affected person or any witness to the situation. Reports should go to Arena’s operations manager Mikala Rasmussen at All reports will be handled confidentially, and the complainant will not be identified without his/her consent.

After receiving reports on a distressing situation, Arena for Journalism in Europe will immediately do its utmost to investigate the incident, diffuse the situation and safeguard the complainant to prevent further harm.

Once the situation is stabilized, Arena will start a review process and determine a course of action. Violators of this code of conduct may be subject to one or more of the following actions:

  • To be corrected
  • To be removed from the event
  • To be banned from further participation in Arena events
  • To be discharged as a staff member, trainer, or speaker for Arena

If you feel that you have been unfairly accused of violating the code of conduct, please contact the Arena management, who will immediately consider any grievances.

Arena for Journalism in Europe will do its utmost to ensure that no retaliation happens to a person that reports harassment or suspicions hereof.