Welcome to Arena for Journalism in Europe

In January 2019, Arena for Journalism in Europe was founded.

The news: The EIJC & Dataharvest Conference has left the protective wings of and is now organized by the new organization ARENA for Journalism in Europe.

The background: The EIJC & Dataharvest Conference is the European Conference for Data and Investigative Journalism. It has since its start in 2011 grown from 30 to 470 (2018) participants from all over Europe and from other continents. Read more.

The dates: This year’s conference will be May 16-19, as usual in Mechelen, just outside of Brussels, with Thursday the 16th for seminars and the hack day and Friday 17th through Sunday 19th for the conference itself

The organisation: The new organizationARENA for Journalism in Europe” organizes the conference as its most important task in 2019. The organization will also provide further opportunities for networking, information sharing and training. Formally, ARENA is created as a foundation in the Netherlands.

The mission: Networked journalism needs an infrastructure. ARENA for Journalism in Europe is created to support collaborative and cross border journalism in Europe. We want to facilitate collaborative journalism in Europe, this can be cross-border collaborative journalism, collaboration with academics, civil society or indeed with the communities formerly known as ‘the audience’. The aim is to provide knowledge for an informed public debate and political life in Europe.

The founders: Our founding board members have strong profiles in investigative journalism and press freedom. They are Nils Hanson, former editor-in-chief of the Swedish tv program “Mission Investigate”; Daniel Simons, freedom of expression lawyer from the Netherlands with an international career; and Elisabetta Tola, Italian data and science journalist and entrepreneur.

The team: Managing director is Brigitte Alfter, Danish journalist with German roots. Project coordinator is Trine Smistrup, Danish freelance journalist and trainer. Both are former organizers of the EIJC &Dataharvest Conference and have left to create ARENA.

The hitch: We are still fundraising for the new organization and are stretched for funds. Any help in the form of financial support or pro bono advice is greatly appreciated!

The temptation: Register for the conference now and get the Early Bird discount! Pay only €200 instead of the regular €250 (students €100 instead of €125)! Early Bird rates are available until March 1. Registration opens shortly!

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For more information about ARENA

For more information on the EIJC & Dataharvest Conference and registration

Get ready for the EIJC & Dataharvest 2019 and help us make it happen

It’s time to get ready to come to the EIJC & Dataharvest conference 2019! From May 16-19 in charming Mechelen in Belgium.

Registration opens late this time – we’ll be ready in a few days! And there is an explanation: As of 2019 the EIJC & Dataharvest is a start-up on its own run by Arena for Journalism in Europe.

We’ve been working in the background to make sure we can run this year – but we’ll need all your support: Spread the news, register early, bring in excellent ideas, come as a speaker or trainer, make a donation. If you have employers, make them pay your trip and give a travel stipend to a freelancer or a colleague from a low-income country.

This year we’ll give particular focus to all the excellent local journalism in Europe, we’ll look into how journalists can use statistics, freedom of information requests, data journalism tools. We’ll offer hands-on training, fresh European data sets and the best inspiration of excellent journalism of the past year. And as always we’ll have unique networking with senior and junior colleagues, with networkers and nerds. Read the program outline here.

What you can do now:

You can read more about the EIJC & Dataharvest as a start up here [link to news article on].

PRESS RELEASE: EIJC & Dataharvest Conference to become an independent organisation



Zellik (Belgium), Tuesday 18 September 2018

 The EIJC & Dataharvest Conference becomes an independent organisation

On 10 September 2018, the board of has decided to make The European Investigative Journalism Conference (EIJC) & Dataharvest a stand-alone venture in its own right, fully independent from With this decision will also be able to focus more on its core activities, in particular acting as an intermediary body to fund independent, high value, cross-border journalism.

The EIJC & Dataharvest Conference has enjoyed growing success over the recent years and is one of the most relevant networking events for investigative and data journalists in Europe. This resulted in rapid growth in a short time-span. The 8th edition of the conference, held in May 2018 in Mechelen, near Brussels, hosted 470 participants from 52 countries, almost 90 more than the preceding year. In view of this successful evolution, the board of is convinced that the conference has reached a stage where it can map out its own path as a viable independent organisation.

Brigitte Alfter will be in charge of this process and will take the lead in setting up the new structure. This also means that she will end her longstanding work for by the end of 2018. The members of the board of want to thank Brigitte for all the good work done for and wish The EIJC & Dataharvest Conference the very best for its further development.

The seed has been planted. Now it’s time to harvest“, says Ides Debruyne, managing director of “We are confident that the conference will continue to grow and prosper and will remain a place where investigative journalists from Europe and all over the world will meet and develop inspiring ideas for in-depth journalism.

Brigitte Alfter: “‘See you at the Dataharvest’, journalists in the cross-border journalism community say to each other. The Dataharvest has grown to become the yearly meeting-place for the European journalism community. On behalf of this community I thank for having incubated the conference for eight years. The Dataharvest is unique because it is a working conference, where cross-border journalism projects are born. The new initiative will continue to provide an open forum for journalists from all over Europe. A forum for journalists to participate and then return to their newsroom with fresh inspiration, newly acquired skills, material for new stories and excellent new contacts. We will continue to provide a space where old networks meet and new networks happen. In short the new initiative will strive to provide a living and very open infrastructure for collaborative journalism in Europe. So: See you at the Dataharvest!”

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