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Slides and handouts 2021

Slides and handouts 2021

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“Ask me anything: Meet the experts on land use/deforestation and hydrogen in buildings and transportation“, Stijn Carton, Jean-Luc Blakey, Claire Meyer, Eleonora Moschini (June 4, 2021)

Aviation: how to analyse major airlines’ offset programmes?“, Joe Sandler Clarke, Luke Barratt, Patrick Greenfield (June 4, 2021)

“Black Trail – How shipping pollutes the planet, avoids taxation, and gets away with it”, Nikolas Leontopoulos, Craig Shaw, Zeynep Sentek (May 21, 2021)

Bullet-proofing the investigation“, Nils Hanson (May 20, 2021)

“Confronting the “bad guy” – when and how”, slides from Nils Hanson

Data Buffet: Heavy Industry’s Emissions Trading System (ETS) and pollution“, Javier Esparrago and Juan Calero (European Environment Agency), (May 28, 2021)

Digital security“, Fredrik Laurin (May 19, 2021)

EJTA teachers’ conference: Teaching data journalism

Environmental OSINT – methodologies and tools to track environmental wrongdoing, Ben Heubl (May 28, 2021)

How to parse anything using String Expressions and Regex“, Rob Gebeloff (June 2, 2021)

How to verify personal accounts“, Sanne Terlingen (June 1, 2021)

“How to write a good grant application”, Oliver Moldenhauer and Stéphanie Reuter (June 2, 2021)

JavaScript basic in Observable“, Adrián Blanco and Martín Gonzáles (June 1, 2021)

Masterclass: “Access to information in Europe”, Staffan Dahllöf, Stéphane Horel (FOI template), Tarjei Leer-Salvesen (presentation/tipsheet), Luisa Izuzquiza

Masterclass: “OSINT and other advanced research tools”, Ben Heubl, Max Bernhard and Albrecht Ude (presentation/overview)

Masterclass: Researching the EU, Sigrid Melchior, October 6, 2021

Masterclass: “Safer digital investigations”, Laura Ranca and Wael Eskandar, September 15, 2021

Masterclass: “Tackling online harassment”, presentation from Javier Luque Martínez, Becky Gardiner, Caroline Muscat, December 2, 2021

#Metoo in the medical sector: investigating sexual harassment committed by doctors“, Cécile Debarge, Margherita Bettoni, Jelena Prtorić (June 1, 2021);

Money to burn – tracking deforestation fuelled by EU’s renewable energy policies, Ties Gijzel, Piret Reiljan, Hazel Sheffield (May 21, 2021)

No database, no problem“, Rob Gebeloff (May 19, 2021)

“One, two, three, coordinate: How to manage an ad-hoc cross-border team like a pro?”, Hazel Sheffield, Phineas Rueckert, Audrey Travère ( June 2, 11-12.15 CET)

Open-source intelligence skills for investigative reporters,” Ben Heubl (May 19, 2021)

Prostitution networks crossing borders“, Anne Skjerning and Patryk Szczepaniak (May 27, 2021)

Scraping from Scratch”, Max Harlow (May 18, 2021)

Seven ways to tell the data story“, Paul Bradshaw (May 27, 2021)

Stalking ourselves professionally“, Marcus Lindemann and Oliver Klein (May 27, 2021)

The Energy Charter Treaty – how much it costs us and why it could prolong Europe’s fossil age“, Nico Schmidt, Leila Minano (Investigate Europe), (June 4, 2021)

The Frontex Files – transparency with FOI”, Luisa Izuzquiza and Vera Deleja-Hotko  (May 18, 2021)

“The journeys our clothes make”, slides from Minna Knus-Galán and Jessica Stolzmann

Tracking industrial emissions – from ETS data to companies“, Carmen Aguilar García (May 21, 2021)

Unmasking Europe’s shadow armies – with OSINT tools”, Jack Sapoch and Bashar Beeb, Pop-up November 10, 2021

What every journalist must know about GDPR“, Natasa Pirc Musar (May 25, 2021)

Who is really, really behind a website?“, Laura Ranca (May 20, 2021)

Zoom into aviation – offset schemes, state aids and science behind the emissions“, Jo Dardenne (Transport & Environment), (May 28, 2021)