The European Investigative Journalism Conference

Slides and handouts from speakers

“Bluetooth tracking – first learnings”, by Marcus Lindemann and others

“Bring structure in unstructured documents” by Victoria Gaunitz

“Company ownership registries, an endangered species”, by Zsuzsanna Wirth

“European investigation – European story(ies)?” by Harald Schumann

“Fair mobility”, by Alina Lippegaus

“Farm subsidies” by Simon Wörpel

“Friend or foe: Using AI as an investigative tool”, by Irene Larraz

“Googling for nerds”, by Marcus Lindemann

“How employers’ lobby restricted the rights of non-EU workers”, by Adina Flores

“How to communicate data so people understand you”, slides by Elisabetta Tola, Gianna Grün, and Catherine André.

“How to investigate public tenders?”, by Irene Larraz

“How to think about collaborative science journalism”, by Elisabetta Tola

“How to think about collaborative science journalism,” by Manuel Daubenberger

“Investigating people”, by Marcus Lindemann

“Lightning Talk: New Forensic Methods”, by Marcus Lindemann

“Limits of (our) work”, by Apolena Rychlikova and Sasa Uhlova

“Making research data from text”, by Simon Wörpel

“Mapping street names: What do they tell us?”, by Lorenzo Ferrari, Kelly Kiki and Yuliia Dukach

Masterclass: “Investigating lobbying”, by Stéphane Horel

Masterclass: “Researching the EU”, by Sigrid Melchior

“Rural Observatory: let’s look into data on rural areas”, by Carla Lostrangio

“Saving safely – Secure documentation of your web findings” by Albrecht Ude

“Scrutinising EU funds in your country”, by Daiva Repečkaitė

“Structured Internet Researches – A short résumé” by Albrecht Ude