The European Investigative Journalism Conference

Dataharvest 2024 sold out

It’s official: Dataharvest 2024 is our most popular ever! Tickets for the conference have sold out a record three months before the conference doors open on 31 May. We are astounded and delighted by how quickly tickets have sold out this year. Last year tickets sold out six weeks before the conference began, which was … Read more

Ask us anything about pitching for Dataharvest 2024

Pitching a session for our conference shouldn’t feel like a big gamble. If you have something you’d love to share at Dataharvest, we want to ensure you have all the information and support you need to develop a great session. We’ve provided some guidelines on what makes a great pitch and now we’re hosting a … Read more

Dataharvest Hackday 2023: Join us to dig into the vast data on labour in Europe!

Only one week from now, the Dataharvest conference 2023 will kick off with the Hackday ‘One Union, Diverse Realities: Mapping Work and Wage Inequalities across Europe’ and three master classes. Come to the hackday as part of this year’s labour theme to dive into an abundance of data. We will analyse and combine data from … Read more