The European Investigative Journalism Conference

Dataharvest Hackday 2023: Join us to dig into the vast data on labour in Europe!

Only one week from now, the Dataharvest conference 2023 will kick off with the Hackday ‘One Union, Diverse Realities: Mapping Work and Wage Inequalities across Europe’ and three master classes.

Come to the hackday as part of this year’s labour theme to dive into an abundance of data. We will analyse and combine data from three different collections from Eurostat on occupational health and safety, the labour force and the structure of earnings, with micro data from the latest survey of Eurofound on the working conditions of over 70.000 respondents from 37 countries across Europe.

Looking for patterns and outliers in this pool of data, we want to reveal the stark disparities present between different countries by analysing data on issues such as work accidents, workplace violence and pay gaps. We’ll also dive into the exercise of mapping and visualizing these inequalities to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by employees throughout Europe.

This is the current plan for the hackday – but maybe you’ll find totally different angles and gems in the data which we haven’t thought of yet! Join us for the Dataharvest 2023 Hackday, if you want to work together on unexplored data, mapping the different realities of working conditions across Europe. 

All you need for the hackday on Thursday 1 June is to register and bring your laptop. Feel free to look at the databsets already in advance and come with questions or ideas. On Saturday, we’ll present the results at a Dataharvest session and look at possibilities for stories and investigations.