The European Investigative Journalism Conference

Dataharvest is over – see you soon again!

Thank you for now! The 3-week Dataharvest conference just ended, and we are so happy that many joined in and hopefully learnt new things, even if we have had enough of video conferences, and even if early summer is beckoning from the outside. Tell us what worked and what could be improved We are not … Read more

When the doctor is a sexual abuser

#MeToo in the medical sector: investigating the extent of sexual harassment committed by doctors  What happens to doctors convicted of sexual harassment? How often do they lose their license and which sanctions do they face? Four journalists wanted to dig deeper into this phenomenon and find out just how widespread it was in their respective … Read more

Apply for climate data and OSINT mentorships!

Have our data sessions inspired you, but you feel there is still so much you could learn? Are you interested in investigating stories about the climate crisis, energy transition, or environmental wrongdoing and you need some help in making sense of the datasets you’ve come across? Have you wondered how the open-source tools can help … Read more

Black Trail – How shipping pollutes the planet and gets away with it

Register for the session here Objectives to fight the climate crisis are clear: global emissions need to be reduced, across countries and sectors. The shipping industry’s emissions are larger than those of Germany, they seriously impact our climate and they are continuing to rise. The industry is also awarded huge subsidies, saving billions through preferential … Read more

How and when to confront “the bad guy”?

“Confronting “the bad guys” is an essential part of an investigation. Every journalist is bound to, at least once in their career, to call up “the antagonist”, to confront them with what was said about them, ask for clarifications and counter arguments. Many of us dread that moment, and it is sometimes hard to estimate … Read more

Seven ways to tell a data story

You have access to this big data set, you have downloaded all the software, you know how to scrape and clean. But until now, all you have is numbers. Where is the STORY? Many data journalism trainers have noticed that journalists focus too much on the software and technology and not enough on what kind … Read more

European Press Prize given out at Dataharvest 2021

We are very happy and proud that the European Press Prize has decided to have its 2021 award ceremony at Dataharvest – the European Investigative Journalism Conference. The prizes will be announced on Thursday June 3 at 12 noon – the second last days of this year’s online Dataharvest Conference. After the announcement of the … Read more

Data-driven collaboration shows consequences of domestic violence

In the midst of a national lockdown, already overcrowded womens’ shelters throughout Germany found themselves turning away dozens – sometimes even hundreds – of women in order to meet COVID-19 restrictions. While each federal state maintains its own system for funding shelters, there was an obvious national trend: Not enough space. Join this session to … Read more

Data Journalism Training – from nerdy to necessary

Arena/Dataharvest collaborates with the European Journalism Training Association on teachers’ conference on data journalism training . Exactly six years ago today, Dataharvest opened a pre-conference meeting of a large group of data trainers from across Europe – pioneers, who had the skills and the overview to not just do data journalism but also teach it … Read more