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Cool intro video to Dataharvest Digital

It’s tomorrow! We open at 10 am! This year, marked by Covid-19, Dataharvest, the European Investigative Journalism Conference, holds its 10th edition by becoming a fully digital conference: #Dataharvest2020! Three months of training, talks, workshops and networking about all things data, investigative and collaborative journalism. More than 120 sessions spread over 13 weeks from September … Read more

Reporting on public health in the corona crisis

Health has been a main global focus in the last months, and many journalists had to jump at warp speed into a complex field of investigative reporting. The corona crisis forced journalists worldwide to get on speed with medical jargon and a perfect storm of stats and models in a rather confusing news environment. Dataharvest … Read more

How to use AI and maintain your journalistic ethics

Robots write articles, select news, edit pictures. They research, they personalize our front pages and target them to the individual. How can we put robots – or artificial intelligence – to the best use and make sure that our ethical standards in journalism are still respected and maintained? Danish digital journalist Andreas Marckmann Andreassen has … Read more

How to use transparency to get access to information

In April 2019 Dutch Platform Authentieke Journalistiek (PAJ) and Follow the Money started the “Shell Papers”: a joint research project into the ties between the Dutch government and Royal Dutch Shell. At the start of the project PAJ filed a total of 17 FOI requests demanding copies of all Shell-related documents from nine ministries, three … Read more

Dataharvest Thursday Bars – join the first on Sep 3!

The big challenge with an online conference is how to socialise! Can we have fun together online? Cross-border collaborations in Europe are based on journalists meeting. Many such meetings have happened over the years at the Dataharvest conferences – or in the bars of Mechelen. The need is still there. Can we develop formats to … Read more

Dataharvest Digital and our search for secure software

By Benedikt Hebeisen When we decided to turn Dataharvest into an online conference, we had to face a lot of new questions. One of the these questions was which technical tools we would need, and after some time of research and a lot of discussions we decided to use BigBlueButton and edudip. Many of us … Read more

Let’s start some collaborations!

Dataharvest has always been a great place to network and discuss ideas that then turn into real collaborative projects. This year’s Dataharvest Digital is not going to be different in that respect – there’s  a whole week devoted to kickstarting cross-border networks. We start on Tuesday 13 October from the beginning: how to go from … Read more

Dataharvest – what’s in a name?

Dataharvest – isn’t that a strange name for a journalism conference? Why not the “Arena conference” or something equally obvious? Well, there is a reason – of course. It all began in 2009 when a small group of journalists and data developers from around Europe got together in the project, where they compiled and … Read more

Stress management for investigative journalists

Let’s keep the fire burning inside – avoid burnout! Investigative projects come with all kinds of pressures that influence your physical, mental and emotional well-being – and ultimately your ability to sustain and increase your potential and the work you most care about. We know that a number of investigative colleagues have suffered from burn-out … Read more

Virtual “Thursday bar” at Dataharvest Digital

Wouldn’t it be nice to meet old and new colleagues at the Dataharvest conference in charming Mechelen? Well, this year it is not possible. But the Dataharvest Digital allows us to look for new formats of socialising with colleagues from all over Europe. So we invite you to take a digital sundowner with colleagues Thursday … Read more

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