The European Investigative Journalism Conference

Cool intro video to Dataharvest Digital

It’s tomorrow! We open at 10 am! This year, marked by Covid-19, Dataharvest, the European Investigative Journalism Conference, holds its 10th edition by becoming a fully digital conference: #Dataharvest2020!

Three months of training, talks, workshops and networking about all things data, investigative and collaborative journalism.

More than 120 sessions spread over 13 weeks from September to November 2020, where Europe’s top data and investigative journalists and trainers meet.

And we are happy to present the Dataharvest Digital 2020 Intro Video we will use to open those online sessions:

The video was created by Andrés Koeneke with music from the song “We Are Heading to the East”, by Springtide.

We like how in just a few seconds this video manages to embody much of what Dataharvest is about: ambition, energy and the drive to move forward and do good things together.

Dataharvest opens tomorrow morning at 10 am! See the full programme and register for the conference here.