The European Investigative Journalism Conference

Reporting on public health in the corona crisis

Health has been a main global focus in the last months, and many journalists had to jump at warp speed into a complex field of investigative reporting. The corona crisis forced journalists worldwide to get on speed with medical jargon and a perfect storm of stats and models in a rather confusing news environment.

Dataharvest Digital is here to help! In the second week the theme is Public health, and with the support of experienced medical reporters and scientists we’ll give you the tools to understand how to independently assess the evidence, analyze government policies, spot inaccuracies thus avoid pitfalls, and dig deeper on tenders and procurements.

Training will be interlaced with what we know, based on the best available evidence, on Covid-19. And will provide hints for brand new investigations in the health sector. The week is organized and moderated by Italien-Swiss investigative and health reporter Serena Tinari.

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