The European Investigative Journalism Conference

Dataharvest Thursday Bars – join the first on Sep 3!

The big challenge with an online conference is how to socialise! Can we have fun together online? Cross-border collaborations in Europe are based on journalists meeting. Many such meetings have happened over the years at the Dataharvest conferences – or in the bars of Mechelen. The need is still there. Can we develop formats to meet anyway and get an impression on who is who?

We suggest the Dataharvest Thursday Bars – and we would be happy if you help us set the agenda. We have already tagged some sessions “Thursday Bar” – but we have many more Thursdays to fill.

For the Dataharvest Thursday Bars, we have decided to choose something to talk about. This can be a quiz, it can be a collection of the nerdiest FOI requests you ever sent or the most ridiculous answer you ever got, it can be laughing about mistakes you made and learnt from.

Do you have ideas for what to do at a Dataharvest Thursday Bar? Join us on the 3rd of September and let’s discuss. Or send your suggestion here, so we’ll include it. The online form is available here