Here you can find presentations and links from the speakers at the EIJC 2019. The speakers are listed alphabetically by first name. Presentations from the Local & Housing track can also be found listed by session.

Anne-Lise Bouyer: CrowdNewsroom

Christian Endt: Projekt #MeineMiete

Daniel Simons: Getting access to environmental information

Eiliv Frich Flydal: Bankruptcies, repeaters and losses

Emily O’Reilly – EU Ombudsmand

European Commission – Promoting protection of the right to housing – Homelessness prevention in the context of evictions

Eva Jung: Money Laundering at Danske Bank

Hristio Boytchev: Tracking ethnic diversity in the newsroom

Ine Renson: The biggest-ever citizen-science study into air quality

Julien Vinzent: Marsactu – Crumbling housing property in Marseille

Julien Vincent – Marsactu, Business model & audience engagement

Justus von Daniels: Correctiv Local

Karrie Kehoe: Data cleaning with Pandas

Kira Schacht – Data Journalism. A Local Revolution

Lorenz Matzat: Open Schufa

Marcus Lindemann: What you and I keep doing wrong when searching the web

Mariana Bruschi – Data Journalism. A Local Revolution

Megan Lucero: The Bureau Local – presentation

Megan Lucero: The Bureau Local – a user’s guide

Mollie Hanley: Using OpenCorporates to Investigate Companies

Mollie Hanley: OpenCorporates Tipsheet

Nataša Pirc Musar: FOI – a strong enough tool for journalists?

Nils Mulvad: Start with

Rob Gebeloff: How to turn everything into a database

Ricardo Lafuente: Taskforce

Sabrina Ebitsch: Süddeutsche Zeitung engagement with audience 

Sergio Nasarre – Collaborative housing & blockchain

Sergio Nasarre & al. – Legal perspective of challenges of the Spanish rental market

Sergio Nasarre – Legal perspective of the subprime crisis & resulting reforms in Spain

Staffan Dahllöf – FOI presentation

Staffan Dahllöf – European Council

Thomas Perroteau – Data Journalism. A Local Revolution

Winny de Jong: Python for journalists

Yannis-Orestis Papadimitriou: Mass evictions – Athens government offers golden visa incentive