The European Investigative Journalism Conference

Come a day earlier and learn more!

Are you coming to Dataharvest? Why not add a day to your trip and take one of the great master classes, that we offer the day before the conference opens? The master classes are a chance to dive into a method or technique for a whole day, not just the 75 minutes of a conference session – and we have some of the best trainers, you can find, to teach you!

You can also join a group of data nerds and people with data challenges that get together to clean and organise data sets, so they can be used for journalism – the tradition-rich Hackday.

The master classes and the Hackday are full-day events, so you can only choose one to supplement your conference ticket. To participate in the master classes, you must have a conference ticket – the Hackday is open for all who are interested in helping with data or who need help with data.

The master classes at Dataharvest 2024 are:

How to use your rights to information across borders

Expand your journalistic toolkit by learning how to exercise your rights to information in other countries. How do you get information from EU institutions, and how can GDPR be a journalistic weapon instead of an obstacle? The master class is coordinated by FOI expert Tarjei Leer-Salvesen.

OSINT – methods and techniques

How do you find your way through the big wide world of data to locate the information you need, verify it, and be able to identify what is disinformation? The methods of Open Source Intelligence have developed tremendously in recent years, and digital investigators Benjamin Strick and Reade Levinson will take you through the steps.

Deep dive into scientific methods in journalism

From cosmetics to the environment, from agriculture to chemical industry: Journalists increasingly work with scientists and use scientific papers to communicate difficult subjects to the public. But you need to understand the dynamics of the scientific world to avoid the pitfalls. This master class helps you understand the scientific process and the sources in a number of different fields. Science journalism expert Elisabetta Tola will give you the overview.

Good with data? Join the Hackday!

Do you know your way around a data set? Or do you need help to clean one? Join the Hackday and get some data ready for journalism. Arena’s data expert Adriana Homolová will coordinate the efforts.