The European Investigative Journalism Conference

Good with data? Ready to help – or get help?

Do you have a story idea, but could use some first aid with the data? Need help scraping the web? Is your data too big, too dirty or in such an exotic format that you can not work with it? Would you like to offer your help with data and maybe get into a new investigation? Or do you have a dataset that you would like to introduce and work on with others? Come to the Hackday on May 30, the day before the opening of Dataharvest!

HackDay is a Dataharvest tradition – data journalists, nerds and hackers meet for a day of working and exchanging methods. In 2024, we plan to work on several different subjects – it may be EU agricultural data, European housing data, but also any other data you suggest!

Do you have an idea? Do you want to contribute your skills? Get in contact before the event with the Hackday coordinator, Adriana Homolová, at

Note: You can participate in the Hackday with or without a ticket for the Dataharvest conference. The fee covers lunch and coffee during the day.