The European Investigative Journalism Conference

A week of digging for “stuff”

Following things and materials between countries is a big part of crossborder journalism – and that is what this week is all about!

We begin tomorrow with OCCRP’s Dada Lyndell and Lawrence Marzouk teaching us how to track ships and planes and how it can be used in your investigations. After that, Knack’s Kristof Clerix and freelancer Staffan Dahllöf tell how they used international conventions and followed the paper trail to find illegal arms and pesticides.

On Wednesday, Cécile Schillis-Gallego from Forbidden Stories will show how she followed minerals from mines in Guatemala, Tanzania and India to the mobile phone in our pockets, and Ben Heubl will then teach you how to use open-source satellite images and tools to track illegal activities in the environment.

Thursday we have a double session on how reporters from Stern Magazine, ARD, BBC and Bellingcat followed European arms being exported illegally to the war in Libya. Hans-Martin Tillack, Philipp Grüll and Ben Strick takes you through the steps.

And finally, the Thursday bar: Which funny, strange or creative methods have you used in your research? Have you gotten results from gadgets used in a new way? Share your stories in the Thursday bar! Marcus Lindemann and Minna Knus-Galán get the discussion going at 5 pm!