The European Investigative Journalism Conference

Spring call for proposals open

Dataharvest 2024 is approaching, and the tickets are sold out – but there is still a chance for you to come to the conference. We have just opened another call for proposals. You can send us your session ideas until Sunday, 21 April (23:59 CET).

Please be aware that we’ve already published a preliminary version of the programme, and we will only be able to accept a very limited number of pitches (for approximately ten time slots). We kindly ask you to check out the published version of the preliminary programme before sending your proposal. It is highly unlikely that we will be able to accept your pitch if it is too similar to the sessions already on the programme.

What type of pitches are we looking for at this point?

  • New, exciting investigations (published since our last call for applications, closed in mid January, or yet to be published, before the conference date);
  • Databases, stories, tools and techniques about researching military lobbying, weapons’ trade, war profiteering;
  • Interesting databases – compiled by either you or somebody else – where journalists can find useful data and stories;
  • Methods and investigation tricks and tools on investigating far-right (that can be easily replicated outside your national/local context).

You can pitch your session via this form.

Also, please check our general pitching guidelines here before submitting your pitch.

Any questions? Drop us an email at