The European Investigative Journalism Conference

Boost your digital security at Dataharvest

Communicating securely and protecting information is essential for any investigative journalist, but there’s a long list of threats out there on the web. But the good news is that there are ways to protect yourself, and it doesn’t take much to strengthen your digital security. Sometimes even small steps can make a big difference.

At this year’s Dataharvest we have a safety & security track with a wide range of sessions. You’ll find practical introductory sessions focusing on secure communication via the Signal messenger, or an introduction to 2-factor authentication and password managers, to more advanced sessions on secure collaboration across borders. Other sessions focus on online harassment (session 1, session 2) and the impact of surveillance on the work and life of journalists.

This year, we have once again teamed up with experienced trainers from the Freedom of the Press Foundation (Harlo Holmes, Olivia Martin, Abigail Lis-Perlis) and the Centre for Investigative Journalism (Jake Charles Rees) who will, besides having curated a number of the above mentioned sessions, also offer a number of time slots for those who’d like to get more detailed insights into security questions or would like to discuss more sensitive issues.

If you want to come in for a one-to-one session with our trainers, please write to and book a time slot, and we will connect you with the digital security trainers.
These individual safety consultation sessions are also suitable for small teams which have specific questions or face security concerns. The sessions are scheduled for Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.
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