The European Investigative Journalism Conference

Data-driven collaboration shows consequences of domestic violence

In the midst of a national lockdown, already overcrowded womens’ shelters throughout Germany found themselves turning away dozens – sometimes even hundreds – of women in order to meet COVID-19 restrictions. While each federal state maintains its own system for funding shelters, there was an obvious national trend: Not enough space.

Join this session to hear how, during the lockdown, German investigative center CORRECTIV researched the surge in domestic violence together with 31 local media houses across Germany. They collected data, shared their research and began publishing nationwide from February 10.

From scraping to crowdsourcing, the session delves into Correctiv.Lokal’s data-driven approach to researching how womens’ shelters through Germany struggle to meet the needs of survivors of domestic violence. We’ll also talk about how we worked with local newsrooms throughout the country to bring our research to a wider audience.

The session takes place May 26 at 17:00 CET. See the full conference program and register