The European Investigative Journalism Conference

Who and what can hide in a website?

Websites may look like they’re designed to make information available to the public and to retain it for future verification and checkups. However, that’s often not really the case.

To start with, there’s a trove of very relevant information that’s normally hiding behind what you see when you open a website on your browser. Who registered and owns the website’s name? Is it an individual or a company? When was it registered?

Then, deleting, editing and modifying information on a website is really easy and it can be done without leaving any apparent trace. In effect, the people behind a website can try to quite literally rewrite their and the website’s history and remove content that’s relevant to the public interest. How can we check whether that has been the case? And is it possible to retrieve content that has been deleted or modified?

Join us in this session with Laura Ranca, who leads Tactical Tech‘s ‘Exposing the Invisible‘ project, to learn about the main methods, tips and tools to look for what’s behind a website – it’s Thursday May 20 at 10 am!

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