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OSINT – Investigative methods 2.0


Are you interested in exploring ‘investigative journalism 2.0’?

Join us for a Dataharvest session with investigative journalist Ben Heubl on May 19 (11-12:30 CET) to learn about basic and advanced techniques and tools for gathering and analysing open sources intelligence.

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During the session we will discuss how these new approaches fit into the toolbox of modern European journalists and explore several subjects specific to Europe. Ben Heubl will give you some basic OSINT tools and tips that you can use in your everyday work – such as how to geolocate a video or a photo,.

We will also learn how to examine right-wing groups on the continent, and explore some social-media themes unique to Europe. “We will learn how reght-wing groups use Telegram channels and how one can do search across Telegram channels; how to find these people’s profiles and link their user names to their real identities across social-media platforms,” says Heubl.

Ben will also demonstrate specific examples of how OSINT can assist your reporting such as vessel tracking. “We have a thriving maritime sector, in the Mediterranean, in the Atlantic, and one can do many stories – for example look into overfishing – if they know how to track ships,” explains Heubl.

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If you want to learn more about satellite imagery, refer to pieces: How new satellite data sources enhance investigative journalism and How to investigate Europe’s biomass industry with open-source data

Are you interested using OSINT while doing fast-pace news journalism work? Check out Ben Heubl’s tips on How to tell open-source intelligence tales for the news