The European Investigative Journalism Conference

Take our “Non-Opening Research Quiz”!

Win a free masterclass at the next Dataharvest conference!

This Friday at 10 am we were supposed to open the 10th Dataharvest conference – but, alas, the coronavirus came in the way. Let’s get together in another way this week – and take a little quiz challenge. Use your research skills, send in your answers before Friday morning at 9 am, and we will draw a winner at 10, when the conference was supposed to open. The prize is a free master class of your choice at the next Dataharvest conference. And if several have the same number of correct answers, we will draw lots.

The questions are crafted by none other than Albrecht Ude from Netzwerk Recherche – thanks for the help! And you can send in your answers to

Here we go:

1.) Please find a chronological list of the heads of state of the USA.

2.) What was the cargo of this railroad car when the photo was taken?

3.) Which company operates the copiers at the University of Applied Sciences (HAW) in Hamburg?

4.) The Internet company Yahoo has scanned the accounts of its users on behalf of US secret services. So what did Edward Snowden recommend via Twitter?

5.) Who is depicted here, and where is this statue placed?

Have fun! And don’t forget to send your answers to before Friday 15 at 9am!