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Adriana juggles with Python and Pandas

At Dataharvest 2020 there will be 3 full tracks of data skills training – from the basics to the super nerdy. One of the trainers is Adriana Homolova, Slovak living in the Netherlands and working freelance and for the OCCRP. Here is what she told us:

What are you going to teach at Dataharvest?

Data analysis with python and pandas🐍 🐼🐼🐼

How can that be used?

A programming language such as Python can be used to do nearly anything – data analysis, building websites or even software. This year at Dataharvest we will be focusing on the data analysis library ‘Pandas’. What to do when you acquire a dataset, how to get to know it, explore and question it? Come and learn!

What are you yourself looking forward to hear at the conference?

I’ve been coming to Dataharvest for many years now. It’s a place to meet old friends and make new old frieds. I am especially looking forward to Geek Speak this year: a session to exchange tools with my fellow nerds.