The European Investigative Journalism Conference

Tips for Panelists

1. Get in touch with other panelists

If you are on a panel (most are), get in touch with the other panelists during or (even better!) before the conference. Discuss where you are on common ground and where you differ. If needed, you can get contact details with the Dataharvest team.

2. Decide on your main message(s)

How does your experience contribute to the overall theme? What are the most important points for the audience to take away?

3. Think “debate” not “speech”

You are participating in the panel, because you and the other panelists supplement each other, and the combination hopefully can be a good learning experience for both you and the audience. Make introductions but keep them short. Make sure that you divide the time equally.

4. Leave time for audience questions and comments

The Dataharvest participants are inquisitive – and often can chip in with their own knowledge