The European Investigative Journalism Conference

Practicalities for speakers and panelists

Your profile in the conference program

Please create or update your profile on Sched: This is how you introduce yourself to the participants and how we connect the speakers with the sessions. Remember that it is a presentation, and you don’t need to include your full CV. Please make the resume in English.

You have a Sched profile, but are not connected to it on the conference website? Please send the email address that your profile was created with to, and we will fix it!

Your session in the conference program

Let’s make sure that your session is presented well on Sched – and in a way that is understandable also for people, who don’t know you, your investigation or project. Think of a good headline – and a presentation in 3-5 sentences. If you are on a panel, chip in your opinion and improvements to the text, so it is precise and informative.

Technical equipment

All conference rooms have a projector, that connects to your laptop. Please be sure to bring the plugs and cables, you may need. We don’t have technicians in all rooms, and not all presentations have a moderator. Be in the room well in advance of starting time to make sure that your presentation runs smoothly.

If you need to use the conference room computer, the username and password is on the table.

Travel and accommodation:

We will of course waive your participation fee for the conference.

We have a budget to pay for travel and accommodation for you, but since we’re low-budget, we ask all our speakers whether they have other means of funding for their travel and accommodation. Some employers and national associations are happy to pay for that. All money we save on this account is used to invite journalists from lower income countries or freelancers.

We try to make travel arrangements as quickly as possible, while tickets are cheap. If you need our assistance, please get in touch.