The conference fee is €190 (€85 for students). If you’d like to attend the pre-conference activities (Hack Day, Masterclasses, Teachers Trainers) you have to pay extra. See the prizes below.

Participation fee EIJC18

Keep in mind that your registration is valid only after we have received your payment of the participation fee. (Excl. Hack Day, Teachers & Trainers, Masterclasses).



This is a special price for journalism students (excl. Hack Day, Masterclasses and Teacher Trainers).


Teachers & Trainers Day

This is a fee for the Teachers & Trainers Day The Datajournalism Teachers & Trainers’ day at Dataharvest embraces offers for those working with mid-career training as well as those teaching journalism students.


Masterclass I: “Follow the Money”

How do you find fortunes hidden in tax havens? Where do you track assets, that a local business tycoon has in other countries? How can you use public records and online business databases to get closer to the answers? How do you get leads for your stories in company accounts?


Masterclass II: “Be a Better Health and Medicine Reporter”

The masterclass is taught by Re-Check, a cooperation by two experienced Swiss investigative reporters, Serena Tinari and Catherine Riva. Re-Check specialises in investigating and mapping public health affairs from the position that information on health and medicine is flawed, influenced by conflicts of interest and not evidence-based assumptions.