The European Investigative Journalism Conference

Masterclass: How to research the EU

How do you find out how your national politicians act in Brussels and hold them accountable for it? How did your national MEPs vote? How did your government act in the council? And how do you follow a national story that leads to the EU? In this masterclass, Sigrid Melchior will explain how the EU system works and show you how to research the EU institutions.

The master class will include the following points:

  • The EU legislative process – an overview
  • Finding sources and background information in the EU institutions
  • How to use the EU institutions document register
  • Finding voting data
  • Journalist cooperations and cross-border EU stories
  • Anything else that you think is interesting

If there is something in particular that you are wondering when it comes to EU journalism or investigations, or if you are stuck in your research in some way, send an email to or bring your questions to the class. No question is stupid, especially not if it’s about the EU!

Sigrid Melchior is a freelance journalist, based in Brussels and covering EU politics for Swedish media since 2007. She writes a regular political column and hosts the EU podcast Brysselbubblan.

Currently she is working with the transnational journalist network Investigate Europe on a project aiming at increasing transparency in the EU’s main legislative body, the council of ministers.

She has written books in Swedish and English about EU journalism and regularly lectures on the topic.