The European Investigative Journalism Conference

Master class: Working with Open Source Investigations

How  do you find your way through the big wide world of data to locate the right information, be able to trust that information, and to hold those responsible and in power to account? In this masterclass, experienced open-source investigators and trainers Benjamin Strick and Benjamin Den Braber are going to walk you through the tools, techniques and creative tips answering questions such as:

  • How do you search the web for relevant information for your investigations, research and to visualize a story?
  • How do you verify and separate this information from being dis-information or useful information?
  • How do you find the location of a person based on their social media images?
  • How can you find out where this person has been and at what time based on their social media images?
  • How can you use different satellite imagery providers to verify and map a person, group, or series of events by location, time and movement?

Are you ready for our interactive workshop? Make sure to have your Google Earth Pro ready!

Benjamin Strick is a digital investigator and is the Director of Investigations for both the Centre for Information Resilience and Myanmar Witness. Ben was previously an open source investigator with BBC Africa Eye, is a Bellingcat contributor and co-founder of Ocelli Project. In 2021 he was awarded Open Source Intelligence Champion of the Year for investment, commitment and contribution to the field.


Benjamin Den Braber is a digital investigator and lead investigator at Afghan Witness. Ben runs a team verifying open source information coming out of Afghanistan and mapping human rights violations of all parties in Afghanistan since the start of the Taliban offensive to retake Afghanistan. He has been focussing on making this information available to the world in order to keep the information environment around Afghanistan resilient against disinformation and misinformation.