You want to participate in Dataharvest, but don’t really know how to ask your boss to pay? Here is what you can say or write to convince him/her that it is worth the investment!

Dear XX,

I would like to participate in Dataharvest, The European Investigative Journalism Conference, that takes place online this year from September to November.

Usually, the Dataharvest/EIJC is an annual gathering of 4-500 journalists, data journalists and coders, who work across borders on issues from local housing to global crime networks. This year – because of the coronavirus situation – all the sessions, lectures, roundtables, workshops and discussions take place online over several months. That makes it easy to get the maximum benefit out of my participation.

Our newsroom will benefit from my attendance, because:

  • I will get new skills – I can get training in new tools and techniques that will allow me to work more quickly and efficiently. There is demonstration, instruction and lots of CAR training!
  • I will get story ideas – because many sessions share experiences and methods, so others can make the same stories with impact in their own countries. And I will get fresh data sets as well!
  • I will learn from the experts – top investigative journalists and editors will speak in the sessions and share their insights
  • I hope to start a new network in the social gatherings – international contacts will mean that we can make a new type of stories for our readers.

I hope that you think it is worth the investment to let me participate in Dataharvest Digital. You can read more about the conference at Maybe you want to join me yourself next year, when the conference is back live in Mechelen, Belgium!

Your name 🙂