Hack day #EIJC18

On May 24 2018, journalists and coders will gather for the pre-conference Hack Day – this year focused on public tenders. Come join us, if you want to contribute and bring home your own data sets!

Join us in a special 2018 EIJC Hack Day: all tender edition! Public spending is the way our governments spend our tax money. We need to know how the money is spent, which companies get it, and how corruption in the spending looks like. For all that, journalists need to understand how to look at tender data.

We therefore  welcome journalists, techies and non-techies and everything in between to nerd out on 7 million big and small tenders from the 28 EU member states, Norway, the EU Institutions, Iceland, Switzerland and Georgia.

Are you a journalist? Learn what questions you can ask tender data. Use your local knowledge to find stories hidden between the table rows. Leave the day with a potential story and share it with the conference on Saturday.

Are you technical but not a journalist? Help journalists tell their story, visualise the data, interrogate the data. Or make your own story, look for trends across countries and sectors, join the data with other data sets, visualise them.

You can explore tender data collected and cleaned by the Digiwhist project in an interactive tender dashboard (https://opentender.eu/start), look for patterns in the data with Elvis (http://tenders.exposed/) or import and explore the raw tables and build your own analysis.

Experts on the tender data will be there to guide you through the data, corruption indicators and answer any questions you might have about tenders.

We are looking forward to welcome you at the 2018 EIJC HackDay public spending data extravaganza! Love you, tender!

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