The European Investigative Journalism Conference

x-European Investigative Journalism Conference 2019

Welcome to the 9th European Investigative Journalism Conference (Dataharvest)!

Each year journalists from all over Europe meet here to share their findings, to discuss work methods, to look for new documents and data and – not least – to find likeminded journalists who also want to work on European stories.

Consider it a kind of informal European editorial meeting. When you return from the conference to your newsroom, you bring

  • new competences in research methods such as access to document tactics or data journalism
  • fresh data sets on current affairs topics, this year with a special focus on housing
  • up-to-date inspiration from some of Europe’s finest investigative journalists and cross-border journalism teams
  • access and introduction to data sets of relevance for your readers – all with a European angle
  • and of course scores of interesting contacts to competent colleagues.

The obvious professional meeting place for all journalists who do journalism in Europe!

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