Master Class: The Tactics of FOI

Do you want to get access to documents from local, national and European public bodies?

Do you know the strength of laws securing access to environmental information?

Have you ever thought about tactics when using freedom of information legislation?

Learn from the most experienced when applying the freedom of information legislation from other countries. Did you know, that GDPR actually can help journalists get access to information in certain cases?

The Freedom of Information master class brings together some of the most experienced journalists, lawyers and other practitioners. A short general introduction will open the way of thinking to everyone, followed by a series of focused lectures by some of Europe’s best in the field.

In the master class, you will among others meet journalists Tarjei Leer-Salvesen (Norway) and Staffan Dahllöf (Sweden), who have made FOI their specialty, both on national and EU level, and Daniel Simons (The Netherlands), lawyer specializing in communications and freedom of expression-related issues.