Seminar: Get Started with Data Investigations

Data journalism has been the posterchild of progressive investigations for the past decade in Europe and Dataharvest has been its herald. In 2019, we offer a one-day data journalism masterclass for seasoned reporters and editors, who have yet to integrate data discovery, negotiation, analysis and transparency in their storytelling and reporting toolkit.

In a step-by-step workshop, we’ll piece together how data can take your reporting far and above anecdotal evidence; how to source information and data from various jurisdictions; and how to analyse and summarise it for original and versatile reporting.

We’ll also cover DDJ pitfalls, how to spot red flags in data and what to do about it. Designed with a watchdog perspective, this workshop-like training gives a forensic approach to news gathering and reporting in a fake-news era. And it pulls no punches.


Crina Boros is an award-winning investigative reporter and an international data journalism trainer. Part of Investigate Europe consortium and of Forbidden Stories group, she has published with Reuters, BBC, ICIJ, Greenpeace Unearthed, openDemocracy, Computer Weekly, EUobserver and The Black Sea among others.

She co-authored a manual for the Balkan Investigative Journalism Network, which is the basis of this workshop. The manual is distributed freely here .