The European Investigative Journalism Conference

Dataharvest 2021 goes online

We have to face it, though with a heavy heart: There is no responsible way to have a European gathering in May 2021. The vaccines will not be fully rolled out yet, and travel may still be restricted. So we have taken the difficult decision to take Dataharvest 2021 online.

What is the main characteristics of Dataharvest? For us, the keywords are networking, sharing of experiences, inspiration, learning from each other. All that is possible online. Of course, another very important characteristic is “coming together”. That, alas, will have to wait util 2022 (but what a conference we will have then!).

Until then, we hope that you will join us online for presentations of new investigations, new data skills training and for a 3-week online conference in late May-early June. Let’s keep networking and collaborating around new investigations to present and discuss, once we can meet again.

Do you have ideas for the online conference? Things you need to learn, people you would like to hear? Tell us about it!

Arena and Dataharvest will have a series of online meetings and training opportunities from March to June. The detailed program will be ready around March 1 – please follow the website, our Twitter account and the Dataharvest Facebook Group to stay informed!