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What do I do with my Dataharvest 2020 ticket?

Did you buy a ticket for the 2020 Dataharvest conference in Mechelen? The conference has now changed to an online event, and you have 3 options for your ticket:

  • Change your ticket to a gift card/value voucher that you can use for Dataharvest Digital in September-November 2020 or for the Dataharvest conference in Mechelen in May 2021.
  • Cancel your ticket and make a donation of your choice to help us through the coming months.
  • Cancel your ticket and get the full amount back.

Please act before August 15! After that date, the conference will be closed, while we focus on Dataharvest Digital.

Your support is important to us. When you choose a gift card or to give a donation, it shows our donors that the community around Dataharvest values the  conference and the work done there, and that helps us make sure we can  come back with an even better Dataharvest every year. So if you decide to make a donation for us, we are more than grateful!

To cancel or change your ticket, use the link in the confirmation email you received upon registration. It will look something like this, where the Xs are your order number. Scroll to the button for the cancellation options (this will also take you to the options of changing to a gift card/value voucher). If you have paid with a bank transfer, have problems or questions, please contact  

See you online – and in Mechelen in May 2021!