#MeToo in the medical sector: investigating the extent of sexual harassment committed by doctors  What happens to doctors convicted of sexual harassment? How often do they lose their license and which sanctions do they face? Four journalists wanted to dig deeper into this phenomenon and find out just how widespread it was in their respective […]

Have our data sessions inspired you, but you feel there is still so much you could learn? Are you interested in investigating stories about the climate crisis, energy transition, or environmental wrongdoing and you need some help in making sense of the datasets you’ve come across? Have you wondered how the open-source tools can help […]

In 2021, the Suez Canal obstruction has reminded us how shipping is central to our global economy. But shipping industry is also among the world’s biggest polluters and tax avoiders. Join us for a session with a cross-border team that has investigated this often opaque industry over the course of one year. Register for the […]