Entrepreneurial and non-profit journalism

Are you looking for inspiration for new funding models for good journalism and for people, who actually develop them? Do you want to gain experience in pitching stories, writing applications or writing business plans? Are you eager to improve the relation between donors and journalists? Do you find it paramount to secure editorial independence with new funding models?


Editorial group: Brigitte Alfter, Günter Bartsch, Thomas Schnedler, Zoltán Sipos

Journalismfund.eu contact: Brigitte Alfter

Brigitte Alfter, managing editor at Journalismfund.eu, is the author of the first handbooks on crossborder journalism and interested in facilitating the development of the method, building an infrastructure for crossborder journalism in Europe and in academic work in the field.

Günter Bartsch, managing director of German investigative journalism association Netzwerk Recherche, works systematically and over years with non-profit journalism including tax recognition for journalism as an activity for the public good and with entrepreneurial models.

Thomas Schnedler, leader of the forthcoming Reporterfabrik, a mid career training course by German non-profit Correctiv aswell as volunteer on the public good activities of Netzwerk Recherche.

Soltán Zipos, Romanian journalist working for Hungarian non-profit journalism outlet Atlatszo. He is interested in improving the matchmaking process between donors and journalists and journalism projects.

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