Algorithm Accountability track

At  EIJC & Dataharvest 2017 we put algorithmic accountability reporting on the agenda of European journalists with a key-note presentation by the hugely inspiring Nicholas Diakopoulos (University of Maryland), followed by a workshop and a roundtable discussing pressing questions related to the topic. In 2018 we team up with the colleagues from AlgorithmWatch to look at some European algorithm accountability investigations and develop ideas to further advance the field.

Editorial group: Matthias Spielkamp, Lorenz Matzat contact: Brigitte Alfter

It is a rather recent development that journalists cover algorithmically controlled automation processes and their effects on society. Stories on criminal justice, credit scoring and predictive policing have raised a lot of attention. Still, it is a rather unclear which systems are deployed and reward reporting resources by newsrooms. Also, in many cases it proves difficult to develop research adequate methods to probe such systems.

The objective of this year’s algorithmic accountability reporting track is to convene pioneer journalists and academics in the field, discuss potential story ideas, methods and opportunities for cooperation. We will also showcase examples of recent algorithmic accountability reporting.

Following the enthusiasm of the ‘Algorithm Accountability Roundtable’ at the EIJC17, we’ll try to develop the European network of journalists and others interested in and covering algorithms.

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