EIJC18 – Connecting the dots – local journalism goes crossborder

Local investigative journalism is gaining new self-confidence and momentum these years. Local investigative journalism is an excellent way of giving citizens a voice. Yet if local voices want to be heard, they need to speak up on European level. At the EIJC & Dataharvest 2018 we bring together local journalism initiatives from all over the continent to collaborate on shared topics. The objective is loud and clear: Crossborder local journalism shall make the voice of the citizens heard on European political level through networking.


Editorial group: Brigitte Alfter, others tbc

Journalismfund.eu contact: Brigitte Alfter

The local journalism track will follow three lines: by topic, data & tech, entrepreneurial

European networking of local journalists by topic:
Networking workshops on shared topics (the topics are based on published material and selected in cooperation with local journalists ahead of the conference) with the purpose of finding the European perspective (legislation, data, etc). Thematic networking workshops can include for example the following:

  • a presentation of published examples of research on a topic from several countries
  • an invited expert in the field
  • a moderated round table to make sure all conference participants interested in the subject are included and potential collaborative opportunities explored
  • a document/data workshop to share the available data, documents and publications

A more general networking workshop to address unprepared topics.
European datasets with relevance for local journalism with the purpose of allowing participants to not only return to their local news desk with fresh data but also with contacts to colleagues working on the same topic.

Data and tech projects for local journalism:
We bring together the data- and tech projects to support or to connect local journalists, this can be the Dutch platform Lokale Zaken to provide local investigative journalists with an online platform or the UK Bureau Local preparing and providing data of relevance for local journalists. The final number of presentations/workshops will depend on the stage of development and the relevance of the projects.

We present promising local journalism funding models – however they do. Of course it is relevant to learn from mistakes, too, so if interested and possible to describe we also present struggling local journalism funding models. Donors and scholars are invited along in order to gather the best possible overview.

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